Frequently Asked Questions

Bottom line: if you have a SmartTV or a display connected to a computer you can be up and running in minutes.

What is Fastbulletin?
Fastbulletin is a cloud-based news management service that you can display on your TVs, embed into your web pages, or integrate into your Twitter feed.
How does it work?
First you create your account. Then you add news items, which is as easy as sending email. Lastly, on your SmartTV or the computer connected to your display, you open a web browser and load your account's slideshow page, and your announcements display. As you add or change your news, the slideshow on your display will automatically update to reflect your changes.
What can I add as news?
Words, background images, or even embedded YouTube videos.
What do I need to get started?
Since this is an Internet service, you'll need to connect the Internet to your display somehow. Most SmartTVs have a built-in web browser that you can use, or you can connect your computer to a regular monitor or TV and show your news there.
How do I connect my computer to my TV?
Most TVs have a VGA input (usually a blue trapezoid port), and your computer should have a VGA output. You can simply run a VGA cable from your computer to your TV. You can buy VGA cables up to 100 feet long that will give excellent resolution. If you want to use the same computer to do everyday tasks at the same time as running your announcements on the TV, you may need to buy a device that will let you control an extra monitor.
Why is Fastbulletin better than other display systems?
Fastbulletin is entirely cloud-based, which means there is no software to install or constantly update, and you can easily view and edit your news 24/7/365, from anywhere you have a web browser. Even on your mobile phone, it looks and works great. You can allow your staff members to create and manage their own announcements, freeing up admin staff for other work. You use your existing computers and/or TVs, with no limitation to how many displays you want to have running simultaneously. Fastbulletin will even post your news to your Twitter feed, saving you time and reducing errors. But the real difference is cost: Fastbulletin is less expensive than any other display system from day one. Period.
What about privacy?
Even though Fastbulletin is an Internet service, you can protect your news from public viewing. Fastbulletin allows restricting access to only certain IP addresses. (If this sounds insanely geeky, don't worry, it's very easy to determine your IP address.) Since the computers in your organization are likely sharing one or two IP addresses to access the Internet, by adding these IP addresses to your settings, only people on computers inside your organization will be able to see your news. Of course, users who are allowed to create news items can always login from anywhere.